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Catering & Events


Health Business

We are specialized in the medical world of Houston and we have been delivering food to the Medical Center of this great

City for many years.

We work with clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and medical offices.

We work with PO Numbers and any type of credit cards.

For Plantation there is not a meal for a small group or a meal for a large group call now for a specialized consultation for you!


Our World-class cuisine & quality catering in

Houston and surrounding areas.
Our food is an art form, inspired by culture, dreams,

moments & surroundings.


Church Events

We know that your parishioners are very important to you and they will also be with us, we have all sorts of meals to cater to your beliefs and needs.

Call us or send us an email for an enquiry.

We want to support your temple and your religion with every purchase you make at The Plantation.

We will refund 10% of your entire purchase

Office Lunchs

We know that you and your company have to meet goals in order to be successful.

For this reason we want to be your ally when you and your team have the most important machinery of ideas in the business.

The only way to achieve this is to have you and your work team well fed, we invite you to review our menu so you can see all the possibilities we have for you, if you don't have time, order online 24 hours a day, 7 weekdays


Tenant Events

We know that one of the things that makes your business more successful, only the openings, but we also know that you take great care of your budget for the canape's or the buffet style food that you order for your potential clients.

Call us so we can give you a special price for all your events


Corporate Events

We provide a comprehensive catering and event planning service for corporate events throughout the Houston region,

from 10 to 1,000 guests.

For over 35 years, we have specialised in the use of the freshest ingredients, innovative menus and exceptional service.


Private Parties

Dedicated to your mission, our Catering manager and our team of trained and enthusiastic cooks will surpass your expectations with creative planning. Taking into account your budget, location, objectives and vision, our executive team will develop and offer an expert experience to satisfy all guests from 10 to 1000.


For Hispanic girls, their 15th anniversary—the year they became young women—is a celebration filled with traditions and rites of passage. The family throws a party, the young lady dresses like a princess and all her friends and family, including her Court of Honor, gather to congratulate her. The event is in the planning stage for months--even years--and food, especially the Quinceanera cake, is central to the entire celebration.


Oil Business

One of the pillars of the economy of this City is the Oil Business.

The Plantation Catering has all the accreditations and licenses to be able to serve food on all the facilities of the Oil industry.

& Much More...

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